Festival media cover


Conny Lee
Prokrastinative Hinterstübchen des Alltags
Female Geekery


Cornelia Lee visited us in Belgrade, covering the festival and participating in workshops. She prepared two radio shows on FM4 and was present for the whole duration of the programme.

Slusaonica 6
Radio Studio B, Belgrade

Mirjana Rusic from the show ‘Slusaonica 6’, Radio Studio B, did an interview with Selena Savić about the festival, broadcasted on Monday, 13. 06. 2011. at 6 p.m.

A R T I C L E S & I N T E R V I E W S

independent online magazine
and article published in the first edition of the magazine, under Feminism and Digital Technologies
Make Me! in Belgrade, by Selena Savić

Deborah Hustic aka body pixel
artist, blogger, web dreamer

Deborah did interviews with several workshop leaders and organisers

Selena Savić
Interview with Selena Savic: On architecture and people

Interview with Selena Savic, part 2: DIY Solar for public spaces

Stefanie Wuschitz
Interview with Stefanie Wuschitz, part 1: On Women, Technology and Hacking Playground

Interview with Stefanie Wuschitz, part 2: Don’t scare of technology, dismantle it!

Sabrina Basten & Audrey Samson
Interview with Sabrina Basten & Audrey Samson, part 1: Hackin’ some coils into wearables

Interview with Sabrina Basten & Audrey Samson, part 2: On disposable electronics