Christine Schörkhuber

Christine Schörkhuber is living and working as freelance media artist, film maker and musician, mainly interested in intersections of audio and visual arts, political contents and collaborative working experiences. Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts,Vienna at Video/Videoinstallation class with Dorit Margreiter. Member of the executive committee of the „IG Kultur Österreich“

Participations a. o. at Faktum FLAKturm, AnaDoma Filmfestival Braunschweig, Viertelsfestival NÖ, So Fresh! DVD-Compilation of young video Art (Amici Associacioni Galleria Spazzapan), Jazzwerkstatt Wien, Crossing Europe 2010, SOHO Ottakring 2010, Parque de Sol, (Symposium of interdisciplinary Art, St. Pölten), Radia Radioart network, Klangmanifeste (Echoraum, Wien), Pixxelpoint Nova Gorica, Multiplikator Show Budapest, Festival Les Instants Vidéo et Poetique,(Paris, New Dheli)

Christine will be performing within the evening programme at Raum D